Stephanie Haney, Licensed Acupuncturist and massage therapist, provides healthcare based on the traditions of Chinese medicine.  This foundation is complemented with the use of orthopedic massage, functional medicine, and food-based approaches to align her clients with their natural state of wellness.

Since earning her Master of Science at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stephanie has continued her studies in sports medicine with Dr. Edith Chan, prenatal massage with Carole Osborne, and fertility with Jane Lyttleton.  Stephanie brings over 15 years experience in reproductive health services and advocacy. She has been a health educator for Planned Parenthood, birth doula for San Francisco General Hospital, and board member for The Women’s Community Clinic.  

Stephanie successfully treats pain and sports injuries, supports reproductive and hormonal health, and emotional wellbeing.  Additionally she offers onsite acupuncture for IVF/IUI, postpartum acupuncture/massage home visits, and placenta encapsulation.